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A Body Confidence Children's Book for our Daughters & Sons

*Available May 2017*

Inspired by Allison's sweet conversation about 'Glitter Stripes' (stretch marks) with her daughter that has reached over 15 million people worldwide, this children's book brings the dialogue home with you to help you spread the same beautiful message of self love and body acceptance! 

Soon to be the first published in a series of Body Confidence books, Glitter Stripes will go on a body love journey with Cambelle and her mom as they navigate how to learn about and love the skin they are in. This adorable, and poignant picture book will surely teach your children (and yourself) a new way of acceptance and LOVE!

When we teach young people to love themselves at an early age, we can PREVENT problems such as bullying, eating disorders, depression and poor body image as they grow older.

Get on the list to be the first to know when 'Glitter Stripes' is published so that you can help to change the FUTURE now!

My love, there is nothing waiting on the other side of weightloss that you can’t start achieving right now by changing your mindset, and in these 13 little love packed pages, you will start to learn how to do that!

A Step-by-Step E-book Guide




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30 minutes with my Self Love Expertise

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1/2 Hour PRIVATE mentoring for 1/2 Price during the month of April!

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*Self Love discovery call

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*How to bring self love home to our sons & daughters

Each individual call will begin with a personalized Angel Card reading, instant enrollment into my Fatkini Formula 7 Day Digital Course ($9.99 value) and a complimentary copy of my download & print 52 card affirmation deck ($2.99 value)!


The recipe for your best bikini body at ANY size in just 1 week!

$9.99 (includes FREE affirmation deck)

7 Day Self Guided Course to lead you to SEEK, EMBRACE, and CELEBRATE your way to the best bikini body! You’ll be proudly strutting yourself in a bikini in the next week! This is the beginning of a revolution of a NEW breed of bikini body. One that only requires changing your mind, NOT your body! INCLUDES BONUS downloadable 52 Card Affirmation Deck ($2.99 Value)

*Open to anyone worldwide, all online!*


Downloadable 52 Card Affirmation Deck

52 {DOWNLOAD & PRINTABLE} positive affirmations full of inspiration, purpose, and just the right dose of "Just Do You." Use these uplifting cards as a daily divination, pass one on to a friend that might need a pick-me-up or just use it as inspiration for a magical mood. Get these as your FREE GIFT with every Fatkini Formula Digital Course purchase! 

{INCLUDED with the Fatkini Formula}

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